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Keith creates Pen & Ink illustrations, including Crosshatch illustrations, Engraving illustrations, Line Art illustrations, Pen & Ink illustrations, Scratchboard illustrations, and Stipple illustrations. Keith illustrates for advertising agencies, media agencies, design firms, publishing companies, consultants, and on occasion directly with business owners and individuals. Keith Witmer also draws book illustrations, stock art illustrations, advertising illustrations, packaging illustrations, product illustrations, food illustrations, science illustrations, instructional illustrations, corporate illustrations,and nature illustrations – specifically fish illustrations, wildlife illustrations, and landscapes. Keith also illustrates architecture, history, sports, people, maps, and icons.

Keith is often commissioned for his variety in style of portrait illustrations, including Crosshatch Portrait illustrations, Engraving  Portrait illustrations, Line Art Portrait illustrations, Pen & Ink Portrait illustrations, Scratchboard Portrait illustrations, and Stipple Portrait illustrations. His portrait subject range from prominent sports professionals, to corporate officers, and celebrities.

Keith also focuses on sports illustrations ranging from golf illustration, baseball illustrations, mountain biking illustrations, skiing illustrations, and hiking illustrations.