Pen and Ink Illustrations

With expertise in Crosshatch, Engraving, Line Art, Scratchboard, Stipple, and various other Pen & Ink techniques, Keith brings artistry and professionalism together with every stroke.

Keith Witmer Illustration Engraving Daniel Craig Portrait
Keith Witmer Illustration Engraving Pumpkins
Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Jumping Trout
Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Aaron Judge

Your Creative Partner

Keith collaborates with advertising agencies, media agencies, design firms, publishing companies, consultants, business owners, and private parties. His exceptional work has made him a trusted partner in the creative industry. Delve into Keith’s portfolio to see how each piece reflects the dedication and craftsmanship he pours into his work.
Keith Witmer Illustration Crosshatch Golf Caddy
Keith Witmer llustration Engraving Business Portrait
Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Jumping Trout

A Palette of Illustration Styles

Keith’s portfolio boasts an array of art styles. From book illustrations and sports magazines to advertising, packaging, and more, his skills shine across a diverse line of projects. Nature enthusiasts and corporate professionals alike find his work both impressive and captivating.

Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Vineyard
Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Hatters Building
Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Jumping Trout
Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Yurba Mate

Portraits & Sports Illustrations

Keith’s mastery extends to detailed portrait and sports illustrations. With a keen eye for detail, he brings portraits of sports professionals, corporate leaders, and celebrities to life. Keith’s sports illustrations are also a treat. From golf to baseball, mountain biking to skiing, and hiking, each piece captures energy and action.
Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Hamster Wheel
Keith Witmer Illustration Stipple Baseball
Keith Witmer Illustration Scratchboard Pumpkin Pie

Commission Your Vision

If you’re looking to elevate your next project with custom pen and ink illustrations, Keith Witmer is your go-to artist. Collaborate with him and turn your ideas into stunning illustrations that leave a lasting impression for you next portrait, package design, ad campaign, or publication.

Prints, Custom Portraits & Commissions

Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Unkle Sam


$50 – $500

From time to time Keith will release limited and open edition prints. Sign up to be informed.

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Keith Witmer Illustration Pen Ink Monty


$1,500 – $3,000

Custom personalized non-commercial portraits of you or a loved one (pets included).

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Keith Witmer Illustration Stipple Business Portraits


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Illustrations for ad campaigns, products, corporate portraits, and editorial media.

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